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Late medieval church complex "St.. Petka ”and a cell school – s.Radibosh

0777 80 343; 0886273931

Radiboš, Bulgaria

Municipality of Radomir

St. Petka Church has recorded a rich history during its long years of existence. Read more…

Municipal History Museum – city. Radomir

0777 80 343

Center, Radomir, Bulgaria

Municipality of Radomir

The beginning of the museum work in. Radomir dates back to 1968. , as a gathering for the People's Community Center "Progress-1895". In 2005. Read more…

Underground Mining Museum – Gingerbread


str. "Physical culture" no 2, Gingerbread

Regional historical museum - Gingerbread

An underground mining museum is located in two of the transport galleries of the first State Mine in Bulgaria, whose activity begins on 1 August 1891. Read more…

Clocktower – Botevgrad

0723/69 141, +359 879 496 133

city. Botevgrad, sq. "Liberation"

Botevgrad municipality

This is the highest Renaissance clock tower in Bulgaria (30 meters). Read more…

Monument Kostnica

0723/69 141, +359 7137 20 44

with. Hidden, Botevgrad municipality

Botevgrad municipality

Through 1982 g. the only monument ossuary of Botevi Chetniks in the country was discovered. It stores the heads of 10 Chetniks who died near the village. Angry ford. Read more…