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Architecture in Sofia

Late medieval church complex "St.. Petka ”and a cell school – s.Radibosh

0777 80 343; 0886273931

Radiboš, Bulgaria

Municipality of Radomir

St. Petka Church has recorded a rich history during its long years of existence. Read more…

Municipal History Museum – city. Radomir

0777 80 343

Center, Radomir, Bulgaria

Municipality of Radomir

The beginning of the museum work in. Radomir dates back to 1968. , as a gathering for the People's Community Center "Progress-1895". In 2005. Read more…

Clocktower – Botevgrad

0723/69 141, +359 879 496 133

city. Botevgrad, sq. "Liberation"

Botevgrad municipality

This is the highest Renaissance clock tower in Bulgaria (30 meters). Read more…

Fortress "Bozhenishki Urvich"

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with. Goddess, Botevgrad municipality

Botevgrad municipality

The fortress had its most intense life in the period of the 12th-14th centuries. One of the last Bulgarian strongholds conquered by the Ottomans. Read more…

Chapel "St. John Letney"


with. Lobosh, common. Kovachevtsi, region. Gingerbread

The chapel "St. John the Baptist - Letni" is located on the land of the now defunct village of Pchelintsi, in the Kamiko area, on 2 km. northwest of the village. Pitzernenci. Read more…